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The Tech Partnership is creating the skills for the digital economy. We act for the good of all by inspiring young people about technology, accelerating the flow of talented people from all backgrounds into technology careers, and helping companies develop the technology skills they need for the future.

Who we are

  • A growing network of employers, collaborating to create the skills to accelerate the growth of the digital economy
  • Responsible for the Sector Skills Council for the tech sector and digital

Employer Board for Wales

The Tech Partnership Employer Board for Wales comprises:

• Kelvin Jones – Director, Accelero Digital
• Rick Cooper – Director, Alcatel University, Alcatel Lucent
• Ronan Miles – Director of BT Collaboration, BT
• David Edwards – CIO, Cardiff University
• Stephanie Murdoch – Director, Comparison Creator
• Greg Jones – Head of Programme Management & ICT, DFTSSC
• Richard Sheppard – Director, Draig Technology
• Mike Greenway – Commercial Director, EADS
• James Lewis – Company Director, Evolvement Networks Ltd
• Charlie Godfrey – Account Executive, Fujitsu
• Paul Dennehy – HR Director, Fundtech
• Ian Clark – Business Development Manager, General Dynamics
• David Morgan – Marketing Director, HP Services
• Jo Preece – Wales Manager, HPC Wales
• Nia Davies – Policy Officer, HWB Cymru
• Steve Richards – Production & Transformation Manager Outsourcing Services, Logica
• Craigh Hughes – Director, Method4
• Terry Killer – Sills Manager, Microsoft
• Stephen Uden – Head of Skills & Economic Affairs, Microsoft
• Cenydd Burden – Head of EMEA Client Services Delivery, Mitel
• David Davies – Director of Engagement (Informatics Service), NHS
• Christine Bamford – Head of OD, NLIAH
• Paul Dunscombe – Director, Silicon Edge
• Gwyn Thomas – CIO, Welsh Assembly Government

Our work

Our Action Plan for Wales, which addresses skills needs and co-ordinates activity across the country, has been endorsed by The Welsh Assembly and the Wales Stakeholder Panel. The plan is based on the outcomes of our Technology Insights research for Wales.

We are inspiring future talent by:

  • implementing and expanding employer-backed initiatives in schools like TechFuture Girls
  • exciting young people about technology careers through BigAmbition Wales
  • getting employer input for degree programmes that meet the needs of Welsh industry
  • coordinating influence and support from employers for GCSEs, A levels, and apprenticeships.

We are supporting IT professionals by:

  • working with the Software Alliance in Wales to support the sector
  • enabling the formal accreditation of employer training
  • providing new programmes to up-skills the workforce with the Wales up-skilling Pathways programmes

We’re also working to raise awareness of the value of IT to organisations and individuals with the standards for IT users (available in Welsh) and ITQ, as well as promoting employer-designed tools that help organisations to exploit technology for business.

In addition, we also offer access to robust, reliable labour market intelligence for Wales.

Contact us

To find out more about the Tech Partnership in Wales, please contact

Welsh Language Scheme

e-skills UK has adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business in Wales, it will treat Welsh and English on a basis of equality. Download our Welsh Language Scheme (PDF 145KB) / Cynllun Laith Gymraeg (PDF 251KB) for details.

(Os hoffech gyfathrebu drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, rhowch wybod i mi os gwelwch yn dda. Byddaf wedyn yn darparu dull i hyn ddigwydd o fewn 48 awr.)

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