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BSc Software Development for Business

Interested in programming, web and app design or love solving big problems?

Software engineering is the science of using computers to solve complex problems, whether that's writing a program that makes a robot move, designing a database that finds patterns in medical data, or developing a new app for smartphones.


Why choose this degree?

The Software Engineering for Business degree (known as Software Development for Business at some universities) is accredited by graduate employers who have designed the curriculum to give you the mix of technical and professional skills that the tech sector is looking for.

This degree is ideal for future techies who want the  added opportunity to learn the project management and communication skills required to work in a technology and business environment.

Alongside the academic study of a traditional degree, the course offers:

  • Networking events
  • Guest lectures
  • Work experience and industrial placement opportunities
  • Group projects based on real world problem


This degree is now available at 8 universities across the UK
Entry requirements range from 260- 360 UCAS points. An A-Level in maths, science or IT is required.