The Tech Partnership

This new careers classroom resource pack, produced in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services,  will help you inspire and encourage students to look at careers in the IT industry.

IT Industry Careers Pack

Downloadable pack produced with Tata Consultancy Services


IT Industry Careers packs contain all teachers need to start inspiring young people about the possibilities of tech and how to get started on the education routes that can lead them to rewarding tech careers. This pack consists of teachers' notes, three Powerpoint presentations, and a video.


Download the Teachers Notes (PDF - 3.3 B)

Presentation Part 1 - Personality Traits and Attributes (PPT - 5.9 MB)

Presentation Part 2 - Industries and Sectors (PPT - 4 MB)

Presentation Part 3 - What is Tech? (PPT - 4 MB)

Download the video as a zipped file (ZIP - 143 MB) and/or view the videoabove.

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