Badge Academy

Earn badges in a range of important tech area, from cyber security to web design, and use them to showcase your tech-savvy skills and enthusiasm to employers, teachers and friends, and give you that edge as you pursue your future career.

Collecting badges through TechFuture Badge Academy is a great way to show employers, teachers and friends that you have the skills to succeed in the digital world. They’re endorsed by big companies and offer you the opportunity to try out different tech skills to see where your strengths lie. Plus they’re also pretty fun to earn.


Show off your skills

You can:

  • Gain new skills you’ve always wanted to learn to help you with school projects, personal projects and more
  • Find your flair by trying out lots of different skills and seeing which you like best
  • Become a specialist in particular areas by unlocking bronze, silver, gold and even platinum level badges
  • Stand out from the crowd by displaying your badges on your CV, blog or social media profiles


Badges available

There’s a TechFuture Badge for every tech skill and each online course is designed and endorsed by some of the biggest names out there including O2, Capgemini, BAFTA, Radiant Worlds, Intel, Accenture and more.

Some of the skills you can learn:

  • HTML
  • Hacking
  • Web Design
  • Coding
  • Wearable Tech
  • Games Design
  • App Building
  • & more


What are Open Badges

All TechFuture Badges are compatible with Mozilla’s wider Open Badges scheme. Badges are used across the world as a sort of digital reward for learning new skills. Each badge contains individual data about your achievements and is stored in a sharable, digital backpack so everyone can see what you’ve learned. Open badges have been popular in the US for a long time and now they’re becoming a big thing in the UK too.


Get started

Step 1: Register with the TechFuture Badge Academy selecting Independent Learner from the drop-down menu
Step 2: Go to the Badge Academy Library and choose a badge course to complete. Badges without the read icon can only be earned with an official badge academy tutor
Step 3: Once you’ve completed the course you’ll instantly be awarded a digital badge containing data of your achievements.  You can download and share or upload to your Mozilla Open Badges account.