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It has always fascinated me how programmers can make computers do amazing things, and when you think about it, computer programmes are everywhere – in your car and your washing machine – so it's an excellent choice of career.

Katie, Junior Software Engineer, DWP

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  • Tech Industry-accredited degrees

    Tech Industry-accredited degrees

    Discover IT Management for Business (ITMB) and Software Development for Business (SDfB) BSc and MSc/MSci tech degrees, accredited by top tech employers.

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  • Degree Apprenticeships

    Degree Apprenticeships

    Earn-while-you-learn for this fee-free BSc in Business and Technology solutions. Specialise in a range of key areas from cyber security to software engineering.

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  • Apprenticeships


    Don't fancy uni? Learn on the job with a tech apprenticeship. Whether you're interested in software development or digital marketing, there's an apprenticeship to suit you.

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  • Careers Information

    Careers Information

    Find out which tech career is right for you and how you can get there through interactive quizzes, videos and more.

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  • Badge Academy

    Badge Academy

    Earn badges in a range of important tech area, from cyber security to web design, and use them to showcase your skills to employers.

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  • My Tech Future

    My Tech Future

    Our new My Tech Future campaign is packed with videos, blogs, competitions and more to help you find the right tech career and education path for you.

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