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Our apprentices consistently go above and beyond what you would expect of an employee within an organisation

Catherine Irvine, Operations Manager – Security Operations Centre, Fujitsu

Apprenticeship standards

Information for employers and training providers

Over the last three years, employers from over 200 organisations have been working together to develop a suite of new digital apprenticeship standards, under the Trailblazer initiative, to cover all major entry level roles into tech and digital careers. These new standards approved by the Department for Education (DfE), give employers confidence that their apprentice will develop the skills they need to make real contribution to their company.

Significant demand is expected for these apprentices, as more and more employers recognise the benefits of recruiting new talent through this route. The new standards are replacing the previous arrangements in England. Different provisions are in place for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Standards by job role

View new standards by typical job role - including a list of standards in development.

View more details and key documentation here


  • New standards: documentation

    New standards: documentation

    Get all the latest key documentation, including copies of the standard description, assessment plan and occupational brief, and guides for employers and for training providers.

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