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Learning Pathways

Learning pathways set out the skills required for various stages of a tech professional's career growth, and idenfify the training courses and professional accreditations that contribute towards this development.

These pathways use IT Professional Standards. There are industry standards for skills that are developed in collaboration with employers, professional bodies and others.


What are the benefits of Learning Pathways?

The Learning Pathways allow:

  • Employers to plan organisational skills development around information security through industry-relevant training options. Employers can also 'adopt a pathway' to help keep them up-to-date for industry.
  • Individuals to identify the skills, qualifications and work experience needed by employers to enter and succeed in a job role. 
  • Certification and accrediting bodies to align products to the immediate skills needs of employers and learners.
  • Training providers to showcase industry-endorsed courses that contribute to information security roles and qualifications. 


For more information about the Learning Pathways and to help in keeping them up-to-date, contact 

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