Skills Talent Manager

Enabling benchmarking to industry standards

Skills Talent Manager is a tool designed to help organisations understand the IT professional skills in their teams and to inform decisions on training, professional development, project management and resource planning.

The skill profiles and job roles created on Skills Talent Manager are based on the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) although they can also be easily adapted to alternative frameworks as required.

Skills Talent Manager can be used by organisations of any size, and is supported by major employers.


Skills Talent Manager allows organisations to:

  • Understand and visualise the skills of their teams - Asking current employees to create an individual profile can help managers understand what skills their teams already have. This insight can improve succession planning; help you build the right team for a project; and enable you to check if expertise required is available in-house before hiring externally.
  • Make appraisals easier for everyone - By updating profiles regularly, teams can prepare for appraisals and demonstrate their progress more effectively, while managers can assess each profile against a standard framework. You can also create sample profiles, outlining the targeted skills for your team.
  • Plan professional development and use training budget wisely - When organisations use Skills Talent Manager regularly, potential skills gaps are easier to identify and managers can organise more targeted training. Team members can maintain a record of their skills development and compare with job roles and industry benchmarks.


To find out more about the Skills Talent Manager and how it can benefit your organisation, ask for a demonstration of the tool by contacting


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