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Fujitsu takes pride in its apprenticeship programmes and wants to make sure it provides apprentices with the best possible start in their career in technology. Tech Industry Gold programmes deliver that, and we're proud to be part of their development.

Sarah Bampton, Talent Manager, Fujitsu

Tech Industry Gold Accreditation

As a key part of our role in raising quality throughout the education and training system, the Tech Partnership identifies, accredits and promotes high-quality training and education provisions under Tech Industry Gold.

Tech Industry Gold degrees, apprenticeship programmes and training courses have been assessed as meeting the employer-relevant standards defined by the Tech Partnership. These programmes are offered by universities, colleges and training providers who work with the Tech Partnership to give their learners the best possible development opportunity. 

What types of programmes are accredited?

  • Apprenticeships


    Tech Industry Gold apprenticeships are accredited by the Tech Partnership for their focus on productivity, training provider and apprentice success rate, and the level of support given to employers and apprentices alongside existing assessments, such as Ofsted reports.

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  • Degree Apprenticeships

    Degree Apprenticeships

    Degree apprenticeships help employers tailor the skills of fresh, emerging talent to their business need. Each apprenticeship includes a fully integrated Honours degree to facilitate both academic learning and on-the-job practical training - preparing young people for careers ranging from business analysis to software development and technology consultancy.

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  • Degrees


    Tech Industry Gold Degrees are accredited by the Tech Partnership for their quality and relevance to careers in technology. Employers collaborate through the Partnership to define their scope and support their delivery. These degrees are formed around software developer skills and IT and business management.

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