The Tech Partnership

This programme is an exciting new way to grow our technical skills base at John Lewis, and the degree apprentices will play a huge part in moving the business forward.

Alistair Wood, John Lewis Partnership

Degree Apprenticeships

Revolutionising the way young people get started on a tech career


Degree apprenticeships help employers tailor graduate-level candidates to their business needs through on-the-job and academic training. They also give young people opportunities to study for an Honours degree while they work. Degree apprenticeships are a government-backed collaboration between Tech Partnership employers and higher education institutions. 


Employer accredited -  through the Tech Partnership

The Tech Partnership accredits Digital & Technology Solutions BSc (Hons) degree apprenticeship courses. Designed by leading employers from the tech sector, the course equips degree apprentices to work in a wide range of graduate-level tech roles, including

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • and more

Questions? See the Degree Apprenticeship FAQ page


Why degree apprenticeships?

  • On-the-job training - delivered and tailored to business need
  • High-calibre candidates - find new graduate-level recruits
  • New knowledge - spread new academic and vocational knowledge among existing staff members
  • Skills gap solution - fill your higher-level tech skills gaps easily


Find a Tech Partnership-accredited course

The programmes below are accredited by the Tech Partnership, meaning they fully meet employers' skills, knowledge, content and delivery needs.  

Full list of accredited courses - including university, employer and specialism


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Get involved

Employers and universities: contact to talk to about the Digital & Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship and how to get involved

Students: Visit the degree apprenticeships student page for more info on courses and how to apply


Success Stories

"Degree apprentices learn the digital skills that are customised to our business needs; so at the end of their degree, not only do they have the skills we need, but they also understand our business operations."

Damian Jacobs, Emerging Talent Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

"Tech Partnership accreditation is very important to HMRC. We would be very reluctant to sign up our young people to a degree apprenticeship programme if it was not well recognised for its high standards among a very wide employer group."

Joanne Singer, HR Policy Lead, HMRC

"Students know that on a Gold standard degree apprenticeship, they are on a par with other graduates."

Victoria Ward, Head of Central Services, Fujitsu