The Tech Partnership

Digital Apprenticeship Company


The Digital Apprenticeship Company is a Tech Partnership social enterprise created by employers to help companies plan and implement high-quality apprenticeship programmes and maximise return on their levy contributions. All surpluses made by the Digital Apprenticeship Company are used to support the Tech Partnership's charitable mission.


The levy is approaching

As the date for apprenticeship levy introduction approaches, businesses are increasingly having to grapple with important questions, such as:

  • How do I maximise the return on my company’s levy contribution?
  • What can I do to attract high calibre apprentices?
  • How do I find high quality training provision for my apprentices?
  • How can I learn from my peers in other companies who face similar challenges?
  • Where can I go for impartial advice?

The Digital Apprenticeship Company will provide you with independent, expert support to deliver answer these questions - ensuring you maximise value from your levy contribution and build a high-quality apprenticeship programme. 


Tailored support

To access the services of the Digital Apprenticeship Company you'll need to become a member.  
By becoming a member, your organisation can access:

Levy planning

  • Bespoke support to assess your current and future needs against apprenticeship rules
  • Identify appropriate standards and support to apply them to your internal needs
  • Develop a plan to maximise use of your levy contribution

Talent attraction

  • Collaborate with other employers to attract students from schools, colleges and universities
  • Promote your vacancies
  • Participate in regional student talent events

Training provider sourcing

  • Match your needs with suitable high quality training from universities, colleges or private sector
  • Address gaps in provision, in collaboration with other employers
  • Help building relationships with new providers

Expert support

  • Best practice sharing with peers in tech and other companies
  • Briefings and resources for managers
  • Access to intelligence on policy and standards


Become a member

For an initial discussion on the benefits of membership for your business, contact