Use ‘Tech for Good’ with our latest TechFuture Girls challenge

The TechFuture Girls e-learning platform is growing today with the launch of a brand-new Tech for Good set of modules, in addition to the existing content on Creative Coding, Cyber Safety, and Sports and Fitness.

The Tech Partnership’s Education and Careers research (2016) suggests learning content should tap into girls’ social conscience, regarding creativity and inventing – make it clear that technology based careers can help ‘make the world a better place’. This is likely to be motivating for teenage girls who are becoming more aware of global and social issues, and are keen to be part of the solution to some of these issues.

With the new resources, students can now explore how charities can use data and digital methods to raise funds for different causes, helping save human and animal lives. The Tech for Good content includes 3 new modules helping students develop skills in data diving, crowd funding and digital fundraising.

As the UK technology sector grew by 12% last year, more people will be requiring digital skills for the jobs of the future. The Tech Partnership’s learning platform provides a range of digital courses linking to digital badges, with the aim to help schools prepare young people for the digital revolution and a fast-changing job market.

As all the materials are linked to digital badges, students can earn awards while learning new tech skills. As one teacher said in a recent Tech Future survey, ‘as pupils achieve more badges they gain more confidence’.

Students can access the platform from any location, either at school, at home or at an after-school club. ‘As the courses are bite-size they can be completed anywhere and there’s no pressure like traditional qualifications where you only have one chance,’ said a TechFuture Girls club co-ordinator.

There is plenty of support available via the Tech Future’s team and each module has a downloadable How 2 Guide explaining each topic in detail. As one teacher verified, ‘the support is also excellent and the resources are well made and produced’. Facilitator guides are available for all content which include mapping to National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Computing.

Click here to register and access the resources which are free to schools across the UK

TechFuture Girls is part of TechFuture, which provides programmes co-developed with employers for Key Stages 3-5 students to inform and excite them about tech careers, making it easier to teach the curriculum, and helping to equip students with the skills and confidence to fulfil their potential in the digital economy.