An update from the Tech Partnership

On 4th October 2017, we announced that the Tech Partnership will close in September 2018. We are continuing to deliver on all of our projects and have also started working on transition plans for programmes. This is an update on our plans.

As we explained in October, our objectives for the coming year are to continue to deliver the highest level of service to our tens of thousands of customers and beneficiaries, and to maximise our ongoing legacy for future generations across all nations of the UK.

We have therefore continued to deliver on all of our projects, including setting national occupational standards and supporting local activities. We have also started working on transition plans for programmes that will continue into the future. In particular:


TechFuture Classroom, TechFuture Badges and TechFuture Girls continue to grow in popularity. Used by 1,300 teachers, 10,000 young people a year benefit from these industry supported student resources. In the first week of January, we will be inviting proposals from organisations interested in taking over these resources and continuing to grow their reach and impact. Our intention is to determine the best new home for this work during first quarter 2018 to enable an orderly transition, during which existing staff will support the new organisation in setting up the necessary processes and communication mechanisms.

Tech Industry Gold accredited degrees and degree apprenticeships enjoy backing from leading employers right across the economy.

  • Supported by an active team of 90 employers, 1,500 undergraduates in 20 universities are undertaking Tech Industry Gold degrees – the IT Management for Business (ITMB) and Software Engineering / Development for Business honours courses. Achievements have continued to rise, with 87% of the 2017 graduates being awarded 1sts or 2:1s.
  • Tech Industry Gold accreditation has also been central to the rapid growth of digital degree apprenticeships. Employer confidence in buying from these programmes is evident, with over 1,500 apprentices in 80 employers having already embarked on the 27 accredited university programmes.
  • Employers’ commitment to the growth of Tech Industry Gold is undiminished, and they are currently considering options for providing the secretariat function currently undertaken by the staff of the Tech Partnership. Again, we expect an announcement during first quarter 2018 to enable an orderly transition.

We certificate successful completion of digital apprenticeship frameworks, and are, in response to employer request, supporting the development of new apprenticeship standards and putting in place the External Quality Assurance process for them. We are consulting with employers and other stakeholders on options for these activities going forward.


Further information will be released in due course. In the meantime, we thank everyone for their continued support for our important work, and for your help to ensure smooth transfers of the activities that will continue into the future.