TechFuture Girls reveals Halloween GIF competition winners

TechFuture Girls ended last year with a scary challenge offering students to take part in a competition creating a Halloween GIF. Today we’re delighted to announce the winners who will receive a smart trophy to sit pride of place in their school.

The winning entries were from Jeavons Wood Primary School in Cambs, and Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School in Basingstoke. Congratulations to all who took part!

“We really loved making GIFs just like the ones we see everywhere online. It was a fun challenge learning how to turn our art into animations”, said two winning students.

TechFuture Girls is an early intervention resource designed to encourage girls to pursue a career in technology. Statistics reveal that women now make up only 17% of the digital workforce. The resource introduces girls aged 9-14 to tech skills and career opportunities through interactive challenges around topics that include fitness to digital making.

“It was great to take our pupils passion for art and show them how this can be channelled into something new and exciting. By the end they couldn’t believe that it was so easy to make GIFs and had already worked out how they would improve the quality and ambition next time”, said Mark Pettit, class teacher, at Jeavons Primary School. He added, “the framework of the online resources on TechFuture Girls provided them with just the support they needed”.

The learning materials aim to get girls excited about the world of digital, and as each module is linked to a digital badge they can earn badges as they learn a whole new range of digital skills.

As the courses are bite size and they can be completed anywhere, there’s no pressure like traditional qualifications. Furthermore, as the students achieve more badges they gain more confidence,” quoted one teacher in TechFuture’s December 2017 survey.

To register and access a whole suite of free digital resources available to all schools across the UK, go to TechFuture Girls.