TechFuture Girls club numbers up 70% in 3 years

Over 19,000 girls have explored tech education and careers through the Tech Partnership’s learning resource TechFuture Girls, a 70% increase in the last 3 years.

Created in 2005, the free classroom resource has also seen a further 1,500 schools register since 2014, thanks to the support of leading employers including HPE and National Grid.

TechFuture Girls is an early intervention resource designed to encourage more women and girls to pursue a career in technology. Stats reveal that females currently make up only 17% of the digital workforce.

The resource introduces girls aged 9-14 to tech skills and career opportunities through interactive challenges around topics that include security, music, fashion, charity campaigning, design and sport.

“A lot of thought has gone into the planning of this site and as an adult I think it is well laid out. The resources seemed to be pitched just right”, said one teacher and TechFuture Girls club leader in a recent survey.

TechFuture programme manager, Karine Barsam, said that TechFuture Girls’ success is down to relatability of its topics, combined with the dedication of teachers and employers to ‘bring digital to life’ in the classroom:

“Employers and teachers are enthusiastic to get behind resources like TechFuture Girls to increase girls’ engagement with tech over a period in their lives when it really matters. Employers need the widest possible pool of talent, and they want to ensure that girls are fully aware of the exciting and rewarding prospects in a career in tech.”

Girls perform disproportionately well at computer science GCSE level, with 24% achieving A/A*, compared with only 20% of boys, but uptake is relatively low: only 20% of GCSE computing students are female.

Research indicates one factor for this poor level of uptake is that girls often have less confidence in their ability to master perceived technical subjects. Programmes such as TechFuture Girls that embed tech skills in more familiar subjects, it is suggested, provide girls with a less intimidating, more accessible route into tech education. 

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