TechFuture Badges go from strength to strength with new Cyber Safety badges

The Tech Partnership can today confirm that following our recent announcement of 4,000 digital badges now being issued to schools and colleges in the UK, over 250 badges have also now been issued specifically through our TechFuture Girls programme, which brings fun digital learning to 9-14 year old girls attending after school computing clubs, to inspire them to pursue a continuing interest in technology.

TechFuture badges are an innovative way for young people to build their tech skills. The badges are developed in partnership with leading employers, including Capgemini, CGI, Tata Consultancy Services and Telefonica. They are used by teachers to inspire young people to build their skills in a range of disciplines valued by employers, including software development, cyber security, wearable tech and coding.

Almost one quarter of all the badges issued through TechFuture Girls have been in cyber safety topics, a new suite of badges only issued for the first time in October 2017. The two most popular badges awarded so far in cyber safety are ‘Phish Resister’ and ‘Digital Footprint’.

There are two students in different schools who have already achieved full ‘Cyber Star’ status, awarded to students who successfully earn all four badges needed to fully complete the cyber safety module. Congratulations to our first two Cyber Stars!

Says Sue Nieland, who is responsible for the Tech Partnership’s work in schools: “It’s very rewarding to see so much enthusiasm for TechFuture badges generally and specifically our new cyber security badges with TechFuture Girls. Learning about cyber security in an engaging but relevant way is helping students understand more about this vitally important subject, and we hope will inspire them to continue to expand their digital skills.”

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About TechFuture and TechFuture Girls

Tech Future Girls is part of TechFuture, which provides programmes co-developed with employers for Key Stages 3-5 students to inform and excite them about tech careers, making it easier to teach the curriculum, and helping to equip students with the skills and confidence to fulfil their potential in the digital economy.

Call for proposals on TechFuture

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