Tech apprenticeship opens the door for a cyber security career

With cyber security skills in high demand – 95% of organisations report skills gaps among their existing cyber security resource, according to Tech Partnership research – many companies are finding that apprenticeships are an effective way to develop specialist talent.

One such organisation is Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. With opportunities available at 13 sites nationwide, Capgemini has recruited more than 1,100 apprentices since setting up its programme in 2012. Whether these new entrants undertake an Advanced Apprenticeship or a Degree Apprenticeship or, for those in Scotland, a Modern Apprenticeship, they all work to Tech Partnership-developed standards that include units on cyber security.

Rory Worthington, who competed his Advanced Apprentice at Capgemini’s Inverness office last year, found that these cyber units uncovered an interest in and aptitude for security work. He now has a coveted role in the company’s IT security team, and is continuing his studies with a Higher Apprenticeship.

Part of Rory’s job involves constant monitoring of the company’s devices and systems to detect and deal with any security weaknesses. It is this detective role he enjoys: “I like it when you have to do a bit of digging about to understand something,” he says. “When we get something new, there’s a period of assessment when we all explore it and get to know it. Then we all contribute ideas to keeping it secure.”

The team working aspect of a security role is evidently appealing too: Rory is part of an eight strong team. “People are happy to share their experiences,” he says, “and there are plenty of opportunities to learn as you go along.”

Rory’s classroom training is being undertaken through Tech Industry Gold approved training provider Baltic Training Services. “Cyber security is built in to the Tech Industry Gold standards we offer, whether they are specialist cyber apprenticeships or not.” says Louise Ball, Executive Director at  Baltic. “It acknowledges the central importance of cyber security to all businesses now. We’re delighted to see apprentices like Rory finding their niche and doing so well in this vital area.”

Rory himself is committed to a career in security: “I didn’t have much of an idea what I wanted to do when I started, but I really enjoy the security work and I’m going to stick with it. I’m very happy here in Inverness, but there are so many opportunities with Capgemini, so I could be travelling the world in future!”

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