A new year’s resolution – become a TechFuture Ambassador

Becoming a TechFuture Ambassador this year, can be a simple addition to your new year’s resolutions list and you can stick to it throughout the year. There’s a variety of ways to get involved, so find your best match now.

TechFuture Ambassadors are tech and digital professionals from across the sector who volunteer their time in schools to inspire young people about the exciting career opportunities in tech, and to help them learn valuable digital skills and knowledge.

It’s easy to sign up – and once you do, and you can choose the programme that best suits your skills and preferences. You’ll be part of the UK-wide community which includes hundreds of TechFuture Ambassadors involved through our network providers – Brightside, The Careers & Enterprise Company, Founders4Schools, Inspiring the Future, and the STEM Ambassadors Programme.

To kick off the year, Brightside are currently recruiting mentors who can offer support online to young people. Through Brightside’s online mentoring platform, they connect young people with inspirational role models who can help them to make confident and inform.

Brightside finds that mentoring is a great opportunity for volunteers as it is flexible and projects usually only last between four and 12 weeks. Volunteers are asked to complete a DBS check (Brightside pay for it) if they don’t have one already and attend an online training session. They are then matched to their mentees online and can communicate through a dedicated online mentoring platform. Mentees and mentors discuss education and career pathways, confidence building, and employability skills.

It’s estimated the UK needs 1.4 million new tech and digital professionals over the next decade to fulfil demand, but too few young people are choosing tech careers.

By becoming a TechFuture Ambassador, you can help meet this challenge by:

  • Encouraging and developing the next generation of young talent into tech careers.
  • Spreading knowledge about your business and the tech roles within it to local young people.
  • Being part of a growing national network of peers who are making a long-term, positive contribution to the future of the tech sector.
  • Depending on which programme you choose, you can decide how much time you can offer.

If you want to add one more new year’s resolution to your list, then why not enrol today?

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