Leeds City Region school students hooked on tech challenges

Over 10,000 school students in Leeds City Region are now learning about technology thanks to the #techgoals programme, an ambitious multi-year scheme to improve digital skills in the region’s schools.

Developed by the Tech Partnership for the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to inspire Leeds City Region’s next generation of Mark Zuckerbergs and Marissa Mayers, the programme – the first of its kind in the UK – introduces young people to real-world technology and inspires them about digital careers through classroom-based and extracurricular activities.

Since the programme started in January this year, the #techgoals team has trained 45 secondary school teachers across the city region to use new online teaching resources which have been co-developed with employers.

Students right across the city region are now benefitting from these resources, and also have the opportunity to gain online badges – an opportunity seized by 700 students already. These badges are awarded to students when they complete a piece of learning on everything from coding and games design to cyber security and wearable tech. Students love the fact that they can share their badges on social media and add them to their online CVs.

As well as being fun and engaging, the #techgoals programme serves the greater purpose of skilling up young people, and will ultimately enable Leeds City Region to accelerate the growth of its digital industries and indeed all industries that rely on technology to succeed. Evidence shows that engaging with young people in schools about technology can significantly increase the likelihood that they will pursue technology as a career.

Karen Price, CEO of The Tech Partnership commented: “Through #techgoals, Leeds City Region is leading the way in engaging young people in the wonders of technology. I am delighted that so many young people are using the #techgoals badge platform to learn about the exciting challenges technology can help to overcome, and to gain recognition for doing so. All the badges have been designed by technology employers, meaning the learning material is relevant and the young people get a real taste of what a career in the industry could be like.”

Find out about how to get your school involved with #techgoals at www.lcrtechgoals.com