Employers submit new cyber security degree apprenticeship plans for government approval

The Tech Partnership is pleased to report that the Cyber Security Technical Professional Degree Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan have been submitted to DfE for approval.

Leading employers of cyber security professionals across the economy with the highest pedigree in this subject have led the work, supported by the Tech Partnership. The core group included QinetiQ (Chair), the National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ), DWP, CGI, IBM, BT, BAE Systems, TfL and six universities. Substantial input was also received from over 20 additional organisations including the Bank of England, MoD, HSBC, O2, Virgin Trains and Network Rail.

Karen Price, CEO of the Tech Partnership said: “This Degree Apprenticeship will provide a new undergraduate degree-level entry route into the cyber security profession for hundreds of young people – and will contribute to helping the UK become the safest place in the world to do business online and protect national infrastructure including transport, energy and financial services.”

Paul Thorlby, CTO, Security at QinetiQ and the Chair of the group added: “This employer-led standard will set the baseline for challenging and relevant apprenticeship programmes designed to equip a new generation of cyber security professionals with the high-level cyber security skills needed by the UK economy. Cyber Degree Apprenticeships will open new and exciting routes into the profession, and employers that have supported its development look forward to its ratification by the Government so that they can press ahead and recruit candidates.”

A number of universities are preparing to deliver the Degree Apprenticeship from summer 2017 and, already, there is a significant number of employers looking to start recruiting as soon as it is approved.

The government’s UK Digital Strategy, published on 1st March, affirms the government’s commitment to introducing cyber security degree-level apprenticeships as a matter of priority.

For more information contact Mark Heholt: mark.heholt@thetechpartnership.com

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