Half of women actively discouraged from tech careers, QA study finds

50% of women in tech were actively discouraged from entering a technology career by people close to them, a new survey by QA apprenticeships has revealed.

Moreover, 76% of women said they did not view technology as an attractive career path at school, but almost 100% said they had enjoyed their tech career since. 

Lead training and apprenticeship provider QA surveyed over 80 women currently working in tech and later used their answers as part of a video for International Women’s Day.

QA Chief Technology Officer Bill Walker said: “It’s shocking that nearly 80%, a huge percentage of women, within the sample, were actively discouraged from starting a tech career, by people that they trust. Luckily, these ones made it through into the industry, but there will be many who haven’t and are missing out.”

Currently just 17% of the tech workforce is female, a figure that has remained largely the same over the past 5 years. Research conducted for the Tech Partnership’s My Tech Future gender campaign found that school-aged girls often view tech as dull, mechanistic and unsuitable as a viable career choice for them.

An increase in tech role models is often seen across the tech industry as a way to alter these perceptions. 80% of women surveyed by QA agreed role models could help improve the ratio of women in tech.

Software Developer and QA technology apprentice Marta Mendonca said: “It amazes me that so few women are in tech careers, it doesn’t make sense to me. I love my job. I love tech, and I am constantly learning new things and making websites work and function for people and businesses. It’s the coolest job. I really hope that other women reconsider a tech career after seeing this film.” 

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