Get Digital’s new heatmap highlights large areas of digital exclusion across the UK

The Tech Partnership’s new Get Digital Heatmap, published today in association with Lloyds Banking Group, shows that large areas of the UK continue to suffer from high levels of digital exclusion, even though over one million more adults have gained basic digital skills since the heatmap was last published in 2015.

The Get Digital Heatmap shows the likelihood of digital exclusion across the UK at local authority level. It uses eight different digital and social metrics to calculate the overall likelihood of exclusion. The heatmap was developed with the Local Government Association and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and draws on research from the 2017 Get Digital Skills Survey, also produced in association with Lloyds Banking Group.

Common causes of digital exclusion are lack of skills or the confidence to use them; lack of access to infrastructure and fast broadband; the cost of devices and fees for broadband subscription and mobile data; and a lack of personal motivation to value the gaining digital skills as relevant and important.

Get Digital is the Tech Partnership’s campaign to give everyone access to the basic level of skills they need for life and work in an increasingly digital world. Earlier this year, in March, the Tech Partnership published the Get Digital Skills Survey, which found that the number of UK adults who lack basic digital skills fell by 1.1 million to 11.5 million (21% of UK adults) since the previous survey in 2015.

Karen Price, CEO of the Tech Partnership, said: “All too often, we assume that everyone is online and enjoying the benefits and convenience the internet provides. Earlier this year, however, the Get Digital survey found that 11.5 million UK adults – almost one in five of our fellow citizens – do not have these basic digital skills. In updating the heatmap today, our aim is to help organisations on the ground – from local authorities to district libraries – to direct their resources in the areas and to the people who need them the most.”

Nick Williams, Managing Director of Consumer and Commercial Digital at Lloyds Banking Group, said: “Lloyds Banking Group is delighted to be working alongside partners such as The Tech Partnership to help step change the UK’s digital skills and inclusion landscape with data-driven insights and regional action plans. The Group is focused on helping customers with every aspect of digital, it’s part of our commitment to help Britain prosper, and the heatmap will be a key tool in delivering support and training to those who most need it.”

Find out from the heatmap how your local area is rated for digital exclusion.

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