First digital degree apprentices to graduate this month

This month, 11 young Capgemini employees will be awarded with a BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions by Aston University.

What makes their graduation all the more special is that these young people are part of the first ever cohort of digital degree apprentices to graduate. After three years of study at university combined with skills development through their jobs, these graduates will have an honours degree, real-life work experience, a salary, no student debt to repay and fantastic career prospects.

The Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship was designed by employers working together through the Tech Partnership, and launched as the first of its kind in any sector.

Industry also provides Tech Industry Gold accreditation for programmes which meet industry standards for quality of delivery, helping other employers to buy with confidence. 700 employees from over 60 companies, including Accenture, Atos, BT, Capgemini, CGI, Ford, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, GSK, IBM, John Lewis, Lloyds Bank and Virgin Media, are currently on Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships at 16 universities across England.

Employers are also currently working through the Tech Partnership to create a Masters degree apprenticeship, incorporating an MSc in Digital and Technology Solutions, which we hope will be available from early 2018.

Designed to help employers meet more complex and demanding skills challenges, the new Masters apprenticeship will, like the degree apprenticeship, be eligible for funding via the apprenticeship levy. Typically delivered over 18-24 months, it will offer both new entrants and existing staff the opportunity to gain a Masters degree while working.

You can view the current list of Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeship programmes here.

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