DfE Minister confirms Basic Digital Skills consultation will inform government’s Digital Skills Entitlement programme

Anne Milton, MP, Minister of State at the Department for Education (DfE), has added her support to the Basic Digital Skills consultation, announced on 23 January 2018 by the Tech Partnership and Lloyds Banking Group.

Milton confirmed the final Framework would now be used to shape the government’s Digital Skills Entitlement programme, which will make training in basic digital skills free for adults in the UK lacking relevant qualifications.

Says Milton, “I welcome this consultation. The ‘Get Digital’ Basic Skills framework has brought consensus on the digital skills adults need for life and work, and will form the foundation of our new basic digital skills standards.”

The Basic Digital Skills consultation will change the way that the UK understands and measures the skills required for adults to thrive in a digital world, helping more people access the numerous benefits of being online. There are currently 11.5 million UK adults lacking basic digital skills in a world in which life and work increasingly requires a level of digital competence.

The Tech Partnership and Lloyds Bank have convened a steering group from a wide range of organisations across academia, government, industry and education. Their role is to review and update the proposed new framework, which builds on a model originally developed by Go ON UK, to reflect the dramatic developments in technology that have taken place in life and work since this was first created.

Anyone with an interest in the digital skills required for today and the future should complete the survey that informs this consultation, by visiting:

The survey will close on 20 March 2018, after which the findings will be reviewed by the steering group and shared with the Department for Education, serving as a key component their work on establishing basic digital skills standards and training.