CA Technologies launches first Ambassador Academy for teachers

This week, technology firm CA Technologies launched its first Ambassador Academy to help teachers learn more about what skills will be needed for future jobs. 

Ahead of International Women’s Day, a new report published by Tech City UK found 45% of young women don’t feel like they have the skills to work in tech, and 38% claimed to “lack knowledge” about technology. Furthermore, research from PwC revealed just 3% of school-age girls are considering a career in technology. One way to resolve this is to encourage positive female and male role models to visit schools sharing career stories, showcasing the tech industry and inspiring the next generation.

Additionally, with the new Ambassador Academy, CA Technologies aim to give teachers the knowledge to inform students about the opportunities within the sector, and keep apace of future roles within tech.

The first group of teachers to take part in the academy, from more than 10 secondary schools across the UK, attended workshops focused on STEM skills and an introduction to unconscious bias and gender stereotyping to help them to spot and diffuse these behaviours in a classroom environment.

Many children who are currently in education will eventually have jobs that don’t exist yet. Karen Price, chief executive of the Tech Partnership, said it was important for teachers to keep up with the pace of change in the tech space to ensure children have the skills they need to fill these roles when the time comes.

“This is a welcome initiative. We know it’s very challenging for teachers to stay informed about the rate of change in technology, given their own busy careers,” she said.

“Promoting the benefits of tech education in schools and bringing exciting career paths to life with children through working with industry is an excellent approach. This is the type of collaborative initiative we need to ensure the next generation of tech talent in the UK can thrive in tomorrow’s digital world.”

As part of trying to have an ongoing relationship with teachers and promote technology role models, CA Technologies will also ensure its own employees, known as CA Stem Ambassadors, will visit schools to help emphasise the importance of Stem skills and careers for the future of the UK.

The Stem Ambassador Academy is part of CA Technologies’ Create Tomorrow campaign, as well as its pledge to reach and inspire 50,000 students in Europe who are under 18 to consider Stem careers by 2020. It is run in the UK in partnership with not-for-profit Learning to Work.

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