Become a Cyber Star with our latest TechFuture Girls challenge

The new TechFuture Girls e-learning platform is growing today with the launch of a brand new Cyber Safety set of modules, in addition to the existing content on Creative Coding and Sports and Fitness.

The new platform went live at the beginning of the term and more modules are in development to be launched before Christmas.

With the new cyber safety content, students can find out about social engineering, and how to avoid being ‘phished’. Students can also learn about their digital footprint and how to make sure it is not ‘muddy’ and advise their friends and family on cyber safety. Of course, they also learn more about enjoying the Internet safely and securely.

The TechFuture Girls platform, is hosted on an award-winning free-to-use learning hub of digital skills’ projects and challenges co-developed with employers for Key Stages 3-5 students. Teachers or facilitators have access to support materials, for all the online and offline challenges.

The content is flexible, and can be completed either as a class-based activity or by providing students with individual access so they can work on it at home or in an after-school club. Not only is there new content to get students excited about the world of digital, but each module is linked to a digital badge. Therefore, students can earn badges as they learn a whole new range of digital skills.

The Tech Partnership schools team is developing new content over the coming months, including a Halloween theme where students can create their own spooky gif. More topics will be made available later on this term, including digital fundraising, fashion and tech, digital music making and digital CSI.

We want to hear what you think about the new content and if you have any ideas for new subjects. Please email your ideas to

Access the new Cyber Safety content