Become a Brightside Online Mentor through TechFuture Ambassadors

Brightside has now joined the list of TechFuture Ambassadors volunteering organisations. If you work in tech, find out more about online mentoring and how you can positively impact young people’s tech career choices and opportunities.

TechFuture Ambassadors are tech and digital professionals from across the sector who volunteer their time in schools to inspire young people about the exciting career opportunities in tech, and to help them learn valuable digital skills and knowledge.

What’s involved in being an Ambassador?

Because every TechFuture Ambassador has different talents and preferences, there’s no one way to be a great Ambassador – you choose what suits you best. Today Brightside is added to our list of volunteering organisations that invite employers to take part in their mentoring programmes.

About Brightside

Brightside is a social mobility organisation which supports young people all over the UK to make confident and informed decisions about their future. They do this through online mentoring where mentors can securely and safely communicate directly with their mentees to raise aspirations and confidence as well as support them during key transition periods.

As the mentoring takes place online, it offers a very flexible approach both for the mentor and the mentee.

The commitment:

  • Attend at least one training session (delivered online via webinar and usually 90 minutes)
  • Commit to supporting up to 5 mentees
  • Commit to spending approx. 1 hour per week contacting your mentees
  • Complete a DBS check (paid for by Brightside) if you don’t already have one.

As mentors are recruited on a rolling basis, Brightside will get in touch when an appropriate project becomes available. The next wave of projects takes place in January and February 2018.

Find out more and register here