Over 4,000 TechFuture Badges now issued in schools and colleges

The Tech Partnership today announces it has now issued in excess of 4,000 TechFuture Badges to students in schools and colleges across the UK.

The badges are developed in partnership with leading employers including Capgemini, CGI, Cisco, Tata Consultancy and Telefonica. They are used by teachers to inspire young people to build the tech skills employers value in a range of tech-related disciplines, including software development, cyber security, wearable technology and coding.

Half of the badges issued so far cover cyber security topics, such as digital footprint, threats, hacking, online safety and network security. Other popular topics are coding (supported by Intel and CoderDojo) and the Internet of Things (supported by Telefonica).

“We’re delighted to have achieved this milestone”, adds Sue Nieland, Education, Curriculum and Schools Manager for the Tech Partnership. “Many teachers are now successfully using the badges, either to complete a TechFuture Classroom project on our free-to-use learning hub, or as preparation for a deeper exploration of tech topics with their students.”

Adds Liz Goddard, a teacher from Casterton College who uses the TechFuture Badge programme, “Our Year 10 students are currently going through the Key Stage 4 Security course. They have been set the badges for weekly prep tasks. I use them to reinforce the topics covered in the syllabus, as they are a helpful way for students to relate what they are learning in the classroom to a real-world context. The videos from industry experts help reinforce the facts with them and the multiple-choice quizzes allows them to test their knowledge.”

Adds Sue Nieland, “It’s great to get feedback from teachers like Liz about the enthusiasm her students have for the badges. Some of her students have already completed all 7 modules despite them not all being set yet – this is great! Liz has also created a certificate using the badges, that is awarded in achievement assemblies, which is a great idea that other teachers could try too. Not only does this reinforce the learning, but it helps Computer Science stand out from other subjects as we try and encourage more pupils to study tech qualifications.”

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