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UK digital businesses up 30% in 5 years, Tech Partnership data reveals


UK digital businesses up 30% in 5 years, Tech Partnership data reveals


The number of UK digital businesses grew by 30% between 2010 and 2014, new data from the Tech Partnership has revealed.

The increase was almost twice that of UK businesses as a whole, which saw a 17% increase in the same period.

The findings, which form part of the Tech Partnership’s Digital Industries in the UK factsheet, also revealed turnover among digital businesses in 2014 was over £209 billion, accounting for 6% of the UK total.

The growth in digital businesses also meant that the number of digital workers jumped to 1.6 million, increasing at treble the rate of UK workers as a whole.

“The factsheet reflects a thriving UK digital industry and one that is vital to the UK economy as a whole. It’s vital that we continue to nurture the skills these businesses, large and small, need grow,” said Karen Price, CEO of the Tech Partnership.

Digital enterprises are stalwarts of the SME sector: virtually all digital enterprises (99.8%) fell into this category, with the proportion of large digital employers almost half that of UK industry as a whole (0.2%, to 0.4% respectively).

However, the factsheet points towards a regional digital divide. Just under half of digital enterprises (48%) were located in London and the South East compared with just 2% in the North East, the lowest of the all English regions.

The factsheet was created with the latest data from the Office of Nation Statistics, the Annual Population Survey and the Annual Business Survey.

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