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Your chance to comment: New digital occupational standards


Your chance to comment: New digital occupational standards


The Tech Partnership has developed 2 new sets of National Occupational Standards (NOS), and is inviting employers and employer representatives to review and feedback through a short online consultation survey.

These new standards will complete the existing range of standards created and maintained by the Tech Partnership for the digital sector.

The 2 new sets cover the following areas:

Digital Telecommunications - These new NOS describe the competences to plan, implement and maintain telecommunication-based solutions. Activities vary by company and industry sector, but generally include research and development of hardware or software, technical sales and marketing, and installation and technical support. Companies that run large networks and data centres are also involved in infrastructure and networking activities. In addition to the carriers providing network operating services for businesses and the public there are also private, generally radio based networks which use both mobile and fixed base stations. This new set of standards will be added as a new discipline area.

Software Testing - Testing plays a vital role in the development of any new software product. These NOS describe the competences to design, plan, develop, execute, coordinate and review scheduled and unscheduled test plans for programs, hardware, operating systems and network environments. They include the documenting, tracking and reporting of software defects. This new set of standards will sit within the existing NOS structure for Solution Development.


National Occupational Standards specify UK standards of performance that people are expected to achieve in their work, and the knowledge and skills they need to perform effectively. They are approved by UK government regulators in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. NOS are valuable tools as benchmarks for qualifications as well as for defining roles at work, staff recruitment, supervision and appraisal.

To view and feedback on the new standards, access the consultation survey.

The deadline for contributions is cob Friday 20th October.

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