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With TechFuture, employers from all sectors are coming together to help teachers inspire their students about technology and achieve great results with the new curriculum.

Phil Smith, CEO, Cisco UK & Ireland and Chair, the Tech Partnership

TechFuture Classroom

Curriculum resources from industry


TechFuture Classroom supports Key Stages 3-5 students through an award-winning free-to-use learning hub. The hub offers a range of projects and activities designed by the tech industry. This includes resources for computer science GCSEs and A-levels students, and Countdown to Chaos, an interactive simulation of a cyber attack.  

Also available are free learning resources for teachers to update their skills in delivering the new curriculum.  

All TechFuture Classroom resources are available via the Tech Partnership's new Learning Platform, providing personal learning zones for teachers and students.  


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TechFuture Classroom resources:

  • Resources for Students

    Resources for Students

    The resources are created by leading tech-sector employers, focusing on real-life challenges and digital skills needs, as well as supporting computing and computer science qualifications including GCSEs and A-levels.

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  • CPD for Teachers

    CPD for Teachers

    It is critical for young people to enjoy the opportunities offered by the new computing curriculum – but for this to happen, teachers need to be confident and up-to-date in their own skills.

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