The Tech Partnership

I've been running a TechFuture Girls club for over 5 years now and it is always popular and enjoyed by our students. The girls have such good resources to use, which haven't taken me any time to prepare - that's the added bonus.


TechFuture for Teachers


TechFuture offers a range of FREE resources designed by some of the most inventive employers in the tech industry to support the computer science curriculum from Key Stages 2-4, helping teachers inspire the next generation of digital innovators. 

Teachers can offer students a fresh new way of learning by bringing the tech industry to the classroom through digital resources including games, quizzes, profiles and much more around crucial skills areas such as cyber security, games design and coding.


Find out more about our programmes below

  • Key Stage 2 to 3 for Girls

    Key Stage 2 to 3 for Girls

    TechFuture Girls offers a variety of digital resources to help you make technology fun for girls aged 9 – 14.  Through the activities, students build their confidence around areas including coding and cyber security.

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  • Key Stage 3 to 5

    Key Stage 3 to 5

    A range of industry-designed resources to help students develop their digital skills and discover their passions and future careers, through e-learning platforms, videos and advice from leading tech employers.

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  • CPD for Teachers

    CPD for Teachers

    It is critical for young people to enjoy the opportunities offered by the new computing curriculum – but for this to happen, teachers need to be confident and up-to-date in their own skills.

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  • My Tech Future

    My Tech Future

    Our new My Tech Future campaign is packed with videos, blogs, competitions and more to help young people, especially girls, find the right tech career and education path for them.

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