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About the Tech Partnership

  • The Tech Partnership is the network of employers creating skills for the UK's digital economy. We work to inspire young people about technology, accelerate the flow of talented people from all backgrounds into technology careers, and help companies develop the technology skills they need for the future.



What board members say

"I think it’s really exciting what the Tech Partnership is doing for the UK and its entire skills sector. Working with the academics, we can really make sure the training delivered is relevant and that people come out of education with skills that make them really employable."
Tiffany Hall, BBC


"I like being part of the Tech Partnership because in business, where we may be competitors, when you actually get round the table to talk about talent in the UK, we all have a single aim."
Gayna Hart, Quicksilva


"It’s the first time I’ve seen different companies, the government, IT suppliers, all come together to tackle a problem that is common for the country."
Susan Cooklin, Network Rail


"By collaborating with employers across the economy, and embracing partners and stakeholders who contribute to our aims, we can develop the digital talent the country needs. I look forward to working with you all to create the UK’s digital future."
Phil Smith, CISCO