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Smaller Employers

Looking for the tech skills to boost your business? Over 350 smaller employers joined the Tech Partnership last year, benefitting from the funding and guidance they need to find new talent or nurture existing talent within their companies  - making it easy for smaller businesses to fulfil their potential in the digital sector. 

Recruit and train more easily

Nurture new talent with Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeships
Our apprenticeships are designed and accredited by leading employers meaning they teach the relevent skills companies need to compete in UK tech sector. With a choice of over 27 tailor-made apprenticeship programmes, over 2,700 apprentices have trained through Tech Industry Gold, providing a cost-effective skills injection to smaller businesses countrywide.

Set standards in your business
You might also be interested in our work on standards - to define job roles more easily and to benchmark the skills of your staff or potential recruits, ensuring you're on track with with the best in the sector.

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Participate in our work

Inform a new generation through Tech Future Careers
Join a growing network of employers large and small who provide case studies and other content for TechFuture Careers, the tech sector's careers information site for young people.

Inspire new tech stars through Tech Future Classroom
You can provide industry challenges for students as part of our TechFuture Classroom resource suite. Help inspire a new generation of tech talent who can help your company grow in the future. 

Find your star employees through Tech Industy Gold degrees
By offering work experience and advice to Tech Industry Gold Degree students, you can meet with enthusiastic young people with the fresh skills you didn't know your company needed. 

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