The Tech Partnership

Frameworks for training providers in England

To make sure the apprentices you train develop the skills they need to advance in their careers, the Tech Partnership issues the IT apprenticeship frameworks. These outline the minimum requirements needed to complete an apprenticeship and cover a range of job roles and levels.

The Tech Partnership’s Apprenticeship Certification service has achieved a Grade 1 - Outstanding for Customer Satisfaction in its latest audit by Apprenticeship Certificates England (ACE), in addition to Grade 1 for Capacity and Capability. Find out more

What frameworks include

All of the frameworks below include the qualifications and skills apprentices must achieve in three areas: competence element; knowledge element; and transferable skills.

The only qualifications that are acceptable as evidence of transferable skills are those identified in the appropriate SASE framework documents:

Request a certificate

Once an apprentice has completed the requirements laid out in the IT apprenticeship frameworks, they’ve earned their certificate. You can request it on their behalf through the Apprenticeship Certification System for England (ACE). The Tech Partnership will then process this request and issue the certificate. Request a certificate now.

Employment rights and responsibilities

All apprentices must demonstrate their understanding of employment rights and responsibilities (ERR).

This can be achieved by your apprentice completing, and you assessing, our ERR Workbook: Download here – ERR Workbook (Word) *please note that this workbook has been updated June 2016 to allow answers to be entered directly into the document.  If you have any questions about this, then please contact Alternatively, your apprentice can complete a unit with the appropriate awarding organisation, listed below:

  • Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Award in Workskills for Effective Learning and Employment (QCF)
  • City & Guilds Level 2 Award in Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Agored Cymru Level 2 Award in Employment Rights and Responsibilities (QCF)

Or an ERR Workbook designed by the provider, please note that this MUST be sent to The Tech Partnership before delivery for approval. 

IT, software, web & telecoms professionals frameworks

These frameworks are flexible enough to accommodate almost any IT job role, including software or web development, technical support and database analysis:

Information security frameworks

These are suitable for roles in information or cyber security, such as network security, information assurance, governance, digital forensics and security analysis.

PLEASE NOTE - As of Thursday 1st December 2016, starts on the Information Security framework 611 have now closed for new starts. This is part of the apprenticeship reforms as we transition to new Trailblazer standards. Apprentices still completing their apprenticeship on this framework will continue to do so, on their agreed funding arrangements, and their apprenticeship completion certificate can be claimed in the usual manner. For more information and to understand the different options available for the future please see the new Tech and Digital Apprenticeship Standards, including standards for Cyber Security Technologist and Cyber Intrusion Analyst.

IT application specialist framework

These enable apprentices to become IT “super users” and are designed to help people who are new to roles in which they use IT intensively.

 Any questions, please contact