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We offer a range of resources to help training providers deliver the highest-quality training in the sector.

Apprenticeship Frameworks

These frameworks outline the minimum requirements needed to complete an apprenticeship and cover a range of job roles and levels. The frameworks differ for training providers based in EnglandScotland and Wales.

For Northern Ireland, please visit the NI direct website for more information.

If you have any questions regarding apprenticeships, please contact

New Apprenticeship Standards for England (Trailblazers)

A new Apprenticeship system is being gradually phased in and will eventually replace the existing arrangements from 2017. The new standards are based on employers collaborating across the sector to define the capabilities an apprentice will have at the end of their programme. These new model apprenticeships, developed as Trailblazers, are available for a rapidly growing range of roles, and, over time, all apprenticeships will follow this new model. 

National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards are declarations of the standards individuals working in IT and Telecoms must achieve in the workplace, together with specifications of the knowledge and understanding required. 

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