Lloyds Bank Digital Consumer Index 2017

The Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index is the first UK report of its kind to benchmark the digital and financial capability of UK consumers.

Download the 2017 index  – The 2017 report includes the UK Basic Digital Skills survey, prepared by IPSOS Mori for Doteveryone and Lloyds Bank. 
Download the 2016 index


Basic Digital Skills UK 2017

The Basic Digital Skills measure was created by Doteveryone and partners to measure levels of digital skills among UK adults. The 2017 survey report and summary of findings are based on the research conducted in November 2016. For more detail, refer to Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index 2017.

Download the 2017 survey report – This report is extracted from the Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index 2017.

Download the 2017 summary of findings 

Download the 2015 report


Lloyds Bank Digital Business Index 2016

Lloyds Banking Group’s UK Business Digital Index looks into the digital maturity of small and medium-sized enterprises and charities in the UK, and the impact that their digital capability has upon their success.

Download the 2016 index


The economic impact of basic digital skills and inclusion in the UK, 2015 – Tinder Foundation and Go ON UK

This report shows the huge financial and social benefits of everyone in the UK having the digital skills they need to survive in our digital world.

Download the report 2015


Boosting Basic Digital Skills – Go ON Croydon and Go ON Lewisham project report

Doteveryone spent a year in two London boroughs finding out how best to help people gain the digital skills they need. This is their findings.

View the report online


Ofcom Reports

Communications Market Report

Ofcom’s twelfth annual Communications Market report containing statistics and analysis of the UK communications sector with analysis on broadcast television and radio, fixed and mobile telephony, and internet take-up and consumption.
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Telecoms Data Updates

Quarterly updates tracking key trends emerging from the data  collected on the UK telecommunications sector including fixed voice services, mobile services and fixed broadband.
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Attitudes to Online and On Demand content

This report examins the use of on-demand and online audiovisual services in the UK. The report provides detailed evidence about users’ perceptions of content standards in audiovisual content and their concerns about those standards.
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Media Literacy

A collection of Ofcoms main research publications relating to the area of adult’s and children’s media literacy.
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Access and Inclusion

In this report, Ofcom present a range of data on the availability, take-up, use and affordability of communications services. This helps us understand how well the communications sector is meeting the needs of consumers whose circumstances make them vulnerable.
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