The Tech Partnership

Improving citizens’ digital skills is high on employers’ agenda now that almost every role has some element of tech in it. Employers also want a diverse workforce capable of playing a full part in modern life.

Karen Price, CEO, the Tech Partnership

Basic digital skills

Introducing Get Digital, from the Tech Partnership


Get Digital is the Tech Partnership’s new initiative to ensure everyone has at least a basic level of digital skills. Get Digital supports citizens' digital capabilities as the first step on the ladder to more advanced and specialist technical skills, building on the work of Doteveryone and Go ON UK before it.

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Why these skills are important

Unless all citizens have at least a basic level of digital skills the UK will never become the global digital economy it aspires to be. And unless more people develop basic digital skills today we will never fill the skills gap tomorrow. Imagine being unable to send an email, shop or apply for a job online or find the best travel routes.

This is the reality for those that lack basic digital skills including