Legacy and transition plans

On 4th October 2017, we announced that the Tech Partnership will close in September 2018. We are continuing to deliver on all of our projects and are working on transition plans for programmes that will continue into the future, including Tech Industry Gold degrees and degree apprenticeships, and TechFuture schools resources.

The Tech Partnership to cease operations in September 2018 (4/10/17)

An update from the Tech Partnership (27/11/17)


Tech Industry Gold

Employers across the UK collaborate to accredit and support Tech Industry Gold high quality degrees and degree apprenticeships that meet industry defined standards for content and delivery. Further information on transition and legacy plans for this programme will be available shortly.

Industry rallies behind Tech Industry Gold Degrees (6/10/17)


TechFuture – invitation to submit proposals

The TechFuture portfolio of TechFuture Classroom, TechFuture Girls, TechFuture Badges and TechFuture Ambassadors bring together industry support for schools. Industry-based resources and a volunteer network inspire students about digital careers and help them to fulfil their potential in a digital world.

The Tech Partnership is currently inviting proposals to take over and build on its TechFuture portfolio. This invitation is open to all UK charities or not-for-profit organisations in a position to grow the reach and impact of this work.

For further information, please see the prospectus The TechFuture Legacy – an invitation for proposals (PDF).

If you have any questions, check the Questions & Answers online or download the Q&As (PDF, v2, issued on 9 Jan 18).

Please contact us on legacy@thetechpartnership.com if you are interested in putting forward a proposal so that we can provide links and access details for relevant materials, and if you have any further questions. Proposals must be received by noon on 31st January 2018.

For more details, check The TechFuture legacy: invitation to submit proposals (03/01/18)