Legacy and transition plans

On 4th October 2017, we announced that the Tech Partnership will close in September 2018. We are continuing to deliver on all of our projects and are working on transition plans for programmes that will continue into the future, including Tech Industry Gold degrees and degree apprenticeships, Digital Apprenticeships, and TechFuture schools resources.

The Tech Partnership to cease operations in September 2018 (4/10/17)

An update from the Tech Partnership (27/11/17)

Tech Partnership update on legacy plans (08/02/18)

Final update on legacy plans (20/07/18)


Tech Industry Gold

Employers across the UK collaborate to accredit and support Tech Industry Gold high quality degrees and degree apprenticeships that meet industry defined standards for content and delivery. As announced on 2nd February 2018, a new Board and not-for-profit organisation will provide the ongoing strategic leadership to take forward the Tech Partnership’s work in Higher Education. See below for a link to the announcement.

Industry rallies behind Tech Industry Gold Degrees (06/10/17)

Tech Industry reaffirms support to Higher Education (02/02/18)


Digital Apprenticeships

IT & Digital Framework certification
Instructus to take over apprenticeship framework certification from the Tech Partnership (12/06/18)

External quality assurance of the end-point assessment of level 3 and level 4 digital apprentices
Digital Apprenticeships EQA – baton is passed on to NSAR


The TechFuture portfolio of TechFuture Classroom, TechFuture Girls, TechFuture Badges and TechFuture Ambassadors bring together industry support for schools. Industry-based resources and a volunteer network inspire students about digital careers and help them to fulfil their potential in a digital world.

Tech Partnership schools programmes to be taken forward by City & Guilds (11/06/18)


If you have any questions about legacy and transition plans, please contact legacy@thetechpartnership.com